Our Story


Owners, Jeff & Celeste began their journey and joined together in 1995 and traveled throughout the Florida keys on their honeymoon. Over the years living in North Florida they ventured to waterways and tiki bars. They fished, they drank, and they ate...throughout Florida to the Bahamas to the Cayman Islands.

They shared many happy times with friends and family and hosted get-togethers at their home in between travels. In 2008, their little fin was born named Ethan Finn.

Their journeys slowed down a bit but certainly did not stop. However, they found a sense of settlement when they moved to Dunedin, Florida and dreams began of creating their own place for others to enjoy and the ideas and planning started flowing.

In 2011 they landed in Safety Harbor, Florida and enjoyed walking downtown and sitting out on the dock watching Ethan Finn fish in the bay. They knew then that Safety Harbor was the place to make dreams become reality.

In March 2012, ‘Bar fly’ fly fishing bar and shop was established where old friends and new ones can share fish stories, cold brews and grab a cool hat or shirt.

In December 2012, they expanded ‘Bar fly’ and added ‘Saltwater grill’ restaurant to fill the need for fresh seafood and share a menu
of rawbar, nibblers, tacos, bites, cocktails & brews created from their samples of travels.

After 5 years Bar fly didn’t have enough space for everyone to enjoy and decided “we’re gonna need a bigger boat” and in July 2017 they moved to the new 5500 square foot location to allow more space to create more fun!

The new location houses the bar, restaurant, and shop. "We are thankful to be your place for good drinks, good food, apparel, and  good vibes!"


Sweetwater Love Story 

Check out our latest Bar Fly YouTube video talking about the love we have for the Sweetwater brand!